Dear Fellow Beta Psi Brothers,

Thanks to the support of many alumni, we have a group of undergraduates who are excited to promote the values of Sigma Nu at Cal and to continue our role as one of the leading fraternities on campus. Our chapter house continues to receive upgrades and we also maintain this alumni website to help keep all Beta Psi alumni connected to the chapter.

The cost of continuing this quality alumni programming and maintaining our house as we would like is substantial. Make no mistake: your annual contributions are essential to the pursuit of excellence. In addition, it is our goal to develop significant educational and maintenance endowments for the fraternity. We cannot accomplish these goals without your support.

With this in mind, the House Corporation and Alumni Advisory Board are hopeful that alumni like you will be willing to go the extra mile so we can meet our short-term and long-term goals. When you think of Sigma Nu, you think of your friends and brothers – and memories you share with them. We also know you realize that organizations like ours, made up of brothers, depend on those same brothers to fuel our success.

Your contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or anything you feel is within your means will keep our brotherhood strong, allow us to maintain our facilities, and continue our alumni relations programs.

Thank you in advance.


Beta Psi House Corporation
Beta Psi Alumni Advisory Board

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